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Why Aren’t More People Excited By A Melvins Acoustic Album?

Peter Alfred Hess v ia Wikipedia

Picture: Peter Alfred Hess via Wikimedia

I never feel like the Melvins get enough love. Yes they get a lot of coverage across the board, but not enough people rave about them. Their back catalogue is so massive there’s inevitably something you’ll find awesome [mine was the Scion AV freebie EP, The Bulls And The Bees], and the amount of bands that list them as an influence is massive. So I think more people should be excited by the idea of a Buzz Osborne acoustic album.

Buzz has been the heart of the Melvins for what must be getting towards 30 years, and I always think it’s exciting to hear good musicians working in a different environment. His debut track, ‘Dark Brown Teeth’, shows a lot of promise;

Surely anyone who liked Scot Kelly’s solo outings or Wino’s Adrift album and his work with Conny Ochs will appreciate how good Doom/Stoner musicians can be when armed with an acoustic guitar?

Anyways. Mini-rant over. Listen to the Melvins. And Be excited about this acoustic album.


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